一本道高清无码中文字幕The council is a standing organization for the period when the lawyers congress is closed, and is accountable to the lawyers congress. The council members are elected from the lawyer representatives who are highly capable of deliberation, enthusiastic of the lawyer commonweal and well reputed in the industry. The tenure of a council member is the same as that of the lawyers congress.

Responsibilities of the council: 
1) Convene the lawyers congress and report work to the congress. 
2) Execute the decisions and resolutions of the congress. 
3) Elect and remove the vice president. 
4) Hear the annul work report of the president and the vice president, and appraise their fulfillment of responsibilities. 
5) Decide recruitment of the secretary general nominated by the president. 
6) Recruit the honorary president and consultant as required by the work. 
7) Deliberate the constitutional setting of the secretary office. 
8) Formulate the industrial management rules, lawyer practice criteria and relevant regulations. 
9) Recommend and propose removal of the local deputies and council members to the provincial and national lawyers’ congress. 
10) Answer the supervision opinions put forward by the board of supervisors. 
11) Organize the generation and election of the next lawyers congress. 
12) Submit the proposal of removing the council member, supervisor or president to the congress. 
13) Decide advancing or postponing the lawyers congress. 
14) Deliberate and vote on the expenditure which amounts to over 50,000 yuan each beyond the budget, or disposal of the fixed assets of the equivalent value. 
15) Propose important issues such as amending the articles of association.

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